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Code Snippets & Minor Utilities

WOLWait (Wake on Lan & Wait)

Utility for starting a remote system using WOL (Wake on LAN) and waiting for the system to boot by repeatedly attempting to connect to a given TCP port. Exits with status 0 when the connection succeeds, nonzero on error/timeout.

The MAC address may be provided on the command line or in DNS TXT records.

License: Public domain
Platform: POSIX C++


Functions for working with timespec structures.

License: Public domain
Platform: POSIX C99

NE (New Executable) dumper

This program can dump the segment table, relocation information, entry points, exported names, resource table, MZ/NE headers and imported names of the NE format executables used during the 16-bit Windows/DOS era.

License: 3-clause BSD
Platform: Little-endian ANSI C

Binary SID to string

Convert a binary format SID (Security Identifier) to an std::string, or return an empty string if the supplied data is invalid.

License: Public domain
Platform: C++

Glob matching function

Compares a string to a glob expression, supports the usual * and ? characters as well as "#" for matching digits.

License: Public domain
Platform: ANSI C

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